Announcement re Free Coaching session

Thanks to everyone who replied to the request for feedback about their over-trading issues.  I also got a lot of responses from people explaining why they thought other people over traded. Every reply was extremely useful and everyone who responded will get a copy of the book when it is released.

I am awarding the free coaching session to Alastair Forrest, simply because his reply was the one which has inspired me to create a follow-up course  to the trading psychology books which will focus on how to map a trading system for psychological danger points. As he pointed out, my systems help prevent over trading and of course they were designed to do that to combat my own weaknesses.    Most trading systems are sold without any attention to the level of emotional strain that those systems can cause but if you understand what the danger points are you can quickly decide if a trading system is likely to be successful based not just on the back tested results but also if you are going to be able to with stand the psychological pressures of that particular system.

A few traders pointed out that when they moved away from scalping and spending long periods of time at the screen they no longer had a problem with over-trading! Another trader pointed out that stress had a huge impact on a traders ability to withstand the temptation to over trade, however if you are not at the screen very much then it is more likely that you will find other ways to release stress, some of these ways were suggested by a trader who also replied back to me.  The answers I received  will all be included in the book and have been immensely helpful.

Thank You All

LR Thomas

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