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If you are attracted to Day Trading then you need a system that allows you to know very clearly where to get in, where to put your stop loss and where to exit plus what type of return you are going to get from each trade. trading channels as I teach in this video is the best way of doing that I have found.

GBPUSD 10XROI Trading Strategies

If you haven’t committed to your trading yet, now is a great time to do so as we are stuck at home with lots of uncertainty about the future. One thing we do know is that volatile markets present great trading opportunities and while other business models are suffering forex trading is showing it is a recession-proof opportunity IF you do it right. In the upcoming videos, I will point out fantastic low-risk high reward trading opportunities.

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Forex Position Sizing Made Easy

This tool makes caluculating your position dead simple, wath and enjoy!

First 2018 Trade-Eur/Jpy 8XROI

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Kicking off 2018 with this 8XROI trade on Eur/Jpy

How Will You Know When You Are Successful?

In this video I show one of my topics which I am adding to my Trading Success Course-The course is being updated and improved to provide a complete resource for traders to improve their trading mindset.

How to Become a Patient Trader

The results of the survey are in and by far the biggest problem was not being patient enough, hopefully this video will help.
Watch out for my next posts in response to reader answers.

The Holidays are Over and it’s Back to Trading

Here is my first trading video after the summer break. High ROI trades on US Oil.

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Click here to watch this Post-Brexit trading video on Youtube.

High ROI Trade on Weekly Chart

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Here is this month’s trade analysis using the weekly chart as a basis for a push-pull swing trade. Enjoy!

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Easy 1-10 ROI on US Oil

Here is a quick video showing an easy 10XROI Trade on US Oil, enjoy!

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Click here to watch this video on Youtube.


Here is a great and simple trade which would have given a minimum of 1-8 ROI with a potential 1-30 ROI or even more if held till the daily support .

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10XROI Trade on USD/JPY

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Here is an easy 10xroi trade on the USD/JPY…Enjoy!

Easy 10XROI on the Eur/Nzd

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Here is a short video showing an easy 10xroi trade on the Eur/Nzd

Price Action Forex Trading..Lovely 10XROI Trade

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This is a continuation of the last Eur/Aud trade that I talked about so watch that first if you haven’t already!

Why Focus on High ROI Trades?

Like This Post? Click Me Now! One hidden benefit of a high ROI trading system over a high Probability trading system is that you don’t need to be the best trader in the world to make money. Some time ago…

Aud/Usd Trade using Technicals AND Fundamentals

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I took this trade last week based around a fundamental as well as a technical reason. Watch the video below to find out more.

How to Avoid Price Spikes

I received a question about how to avoid price spikes from a student and I thought I would create a short video answer, see below.

Kid makes $72 Million Trading the Stock Market

I noticed this article about this Kid who was supposed to have made $72 Million trading the stock market. There is a lot of debate whether the boy Mohammed Islam actaully made that money although the latest news seems to be that he has made 8 figures, who knows?


Anyway the thing that I found really impressive was the, (the members have banned Mohammed for misleading the public, the plot thickens),none of these guys are over 25, amazing!

What is it about young people that enables them to suceed, maybe they know no fear? maybe they don’t have all the baggage of years holding them back. In any case check out the site it’s interesting!

Go For Low Hanging Fruit

In this video I address a query from one of my readers about his Eur/Usd trading. Should you only stick to one pair? I answer in the video.(See the updated video in the other video I have posted below)

Trade Update

New Market Rhythms Book Release

I have just released the book Market Rhythms :Learn How to Read and Profit From the Price Rhythms of the Market
Only $2.99 on Amazon. This book will teach you how to understand market rhythms and how to integrate them into your trading. Market rhythm is applicable whatever time frame, trading instrument or trading system you use and will help you both increase profits and just as important, reduce losses!

This book was created because there is very little usable information available on market rhythms and how they affect your trading and yet it is a vital part of any trading decision that you make. Market rhythms apply to the movement of the market, candle patterns and chart patterns.

Price action does not form in a vacuum; there are transitions from one type of price action to another. The market tends to form rhythmic price action which then transitions through to non-rhythmic price action. By understanding what the market is telling you, you can make better trading decisions.

The book is presented in a nice and simple to understand fashion. Click Here to Check it Out


10XROI Trade Using a Scalping Entry

Watch this video to learn how to turn a scalping trade into a 10XROI trade or even more if you use pyramiding techniques to hold the trade.

Pure price action, technical analysis using patterns and breakouts.

For Forex traders who want to learn how to become more profitable you need to go after low risk and high reward trades.
Watch the Video and Enjoy!

Using Stochastics in Your Price action Trading

I don’t use indicators apart from moving averages to ‘see’momentum, however I did used to use a slow stochastic and it can be a very useful addition to your trading armoury to get a snap shot into the future.

What I Love About Trading

I know that there are a lot of difficulties in becoming a profitable trader, but there are a lot of difficulties in running any business profitably and in my other business ventures I am experiencing some of these difficulties at the moment. When these issues come up it hits me what great advantages there are in trading as a business compared to other businesses and in case anyone apart from myself needed reminding, I thought I’d just do a quick list here.

1. Easy to scale.. you can start with a tiny account and test out your system..if you lose money you have only lost a little but if you find a winning strategy you can scale more or less as big as you like. In other businesses this is much harder and if it is possible can require a large investment in marketing.

2. No customers,no employees,no employer,no office other words not having to deal with people who do your head in.

3. Time freedom, even if you dont make a huge living trading you can work hours that suit you, if you only want to work three days a week you can, if you only want to check charts at the end of the day you can, bringing your work time down to two hours or less per week!

4. Your risk is quantified, when you start up a business where you may have to invest in premises,stock,staff etc, you have no real idea what your risk is going to be, in trading you know.

5. No competition,in other types of business you always have the competition coming up behind you to try and grab your business, in trading you always have a market however many traders there are. It makes no difference how many traders flood the market as regards how profitable you can be.

6.No expenses except your trading account and maybe a trading platform, most businesses require outlay.

I know this is a very short list and there are probably a lot more advantages to trading but for me these are the main ones.

Bye for Now and Good Trading…

Second Cad/Jpy Trade

Here is a follow-up to the previous video where I said I was waiting for a pullback to reenter the trade.  Watch the video to see what happened next.

Cad/Jpy 10XROI Day Trade

Cad/Jpy day trade taken today using the 10XROI trading system.  Simple and clean trade just the way I like them!

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Getting out of your own way in trading, great and short Ted talk on how to train your brain to ‘Get Out of Your Own Way’. The reason trading is so hard is not the technical side of trading but our brain stops us being in flow and doing what we know we should do.

Aud/Chf Update Re-entry on Break

In my last video post I talked about my 1-3 ROI trade on the Aud/Chf and talked about why I exited the trade. However I kept an eye on the pair and after much sideways movement at that four houly trend line area it eventually broke. I then entered on the 15 minute time frame and have just exited at the 0.8600 level.

Aud/Chf Trade 8th September 2014

Todays trade was a four hourly parabolic reversal on the Aud/Chf (I don’t normally trade this pair but the entry was so good I want for it.  Enjoy the video.

Eur/Nzd News Trade Taken Today

I normally try and avoid news announcements but sometimes when a great trade is lining up with the news you have to make a decision.  In this video I go through my thinking and show you my trading chart.

GBP/JPY High ROI Scalping Trade Taken Today Video Post

I found this GBP/JPY trade today which gave me an easy1-3 ROI, I forgot to put in the video that I took the trade at 1.30 about an hour and a half before the Cad Interest Rate announcement, however I did some research and it looked like there were no suprises dueplus I moved my SL to break even just before it hit.

Student Goes From Bacon to Filet Mignon With USD/CAD Trade

>Here is a new trade  on the USD/CAD, a daily trend line break. Chart and comment  kindly provided by Theo who appeared in the last post.  Nice one Theo!


“More bacon….. A break of the trend line of the USD/CAD brought some nice filet mignon this time! Bacon is too common anyways.”


Student Uses Weekly Push-Pull to Bring in Bacon

In my last post and in my monthly newsletter I talked about the Eur/Cad as being a pair to watch in July, I also covered the two weekly  push-pull setups in my last video. Well a new student of mine set me this reply together with his chart, which I am reprinting with his permission.

“Thank you for the interest in how I was doing since I started the High ROI Forex Trading Course. Well I was successful with 2 trades! The EUR/CAD and  the AUD/CAD. especially the first one brought us bacon for a whole month. Just wondering how long it will take for such a set up it might take weeks. Do you see and possible trades that could develop in the near future?”

Here is my answer to him
“To answer your question , its vital that you don’t force trades whatever time frame you are trading. The more systems you trade in tandem the more trades there will be, however what is important is to master one system at a time.
Just be patient and build your account, compounding and high ROI trades will do the work. You just focus on taking the best trades you can find and continual improvement and using good money management. I do a newsletter which goes out monthly where I analyse the upcoming levels for the month as well as analyse the trades for the past month. Here is the link if you are interested,

Here is the chart showing the four hour entry on the Eur/Cad weekly push-pull.