EJ Trade Update

If you have watched the videos you will see that I moved to break even for a couple of reasons one of which was that it looked like there was a reversal push-pull in play.  The question then becomes well why not look for a long entry, as I was  at break even for the short entry.  The problem was the 4 hour channel trend line which was in the way and the 142.62 level which was as strong a resistance as the 142 was at support.

Trading Update  Price has turned and is hurtling down but I couldn’t enter simply because it wasn’t in the rules, there was no hourly High ROI Scalping Entry, There was no 4hr TAYJ entry and so I have had to sit on my hands, It’s painful to watch a trade I predicted run away from me but hey that’s the joy of trading it constantly gives you a slap in the mouth and you have to accept it and stick to the plan.  I have updated the four hour channel trend line chart to include a fanned trend line.

I much prefer Daily Push-Pull 10XROI Trades in strong momentum rather than squashed together like this and currently there is no daily high momentum environment.








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