Example of a Day Trade using a Daily Push-Pull

See an example of one trade using the Daily Push-Pull as a foundation, there are 6 different types of setup available in this course so you should be able to find High ROI Day Trades nearly every day. 



Here we can see the context of the trade an upward move followed by an upward daily channel with a third bounce off the lower daily trendline.


​Here we see the pushpull candle 1 is a small candle followed by candle 2 the much larger push candle, candle 3 pulls back to the close of candle one. the pushpull zone is between the open and close of candle one which is where we look for an entry which we find on candle 4 the following day.

GBPNZDM301We go down to the 30 minute chart to look for an entry and see an overnight megaphone channel on the 30 minute chart
the orange dashed line is the 30 min resistance which is broken. the dashed green line is the push-pull level.

GBPNZDM51On the 5 minute chart there are 3 entries
​The take profit could be a minimum of 1 -3 ROI