How Flexible Thinking Helps Your Trading

Readers of my book Control Your Inner Trader know that I am a trained therapist and very interested in ways to improve trading psychology, something that I didn’t cover in the book is how being flexible in your thinking can help increase the amount of trades you see on your charts.  I’m using Spydermans chart as an example

In this chart you can see he found a fantastic long 10XROI trade which I posted earlier, however there was also a great reversal trade that could have been taken on the way down.  There was a classic hourly breakout from hourly S/R zones and an hourly trend line break.  There was also a High ROI Scalping entry, the idea was only to use it for an entry the stop could have been moved to break even when price hit the opposite side of the channel.

In answer to shellsnails post here is a 4 hour chart





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