Patience is The Virtue!

In the 10XROI Trading system, the money management system and the high ROI compensate for the scarcity of trades.  If you really understand the power of being able to get a 50% win rate and a 10XROI with this system you will not be impatient for trades.  When the right trades come along they stand out as being great trades because they have what is known as a confluence of events in their favor. 

If you have recently read the book The 10XROI Trading System and you want to take action then the action you should be taking is back testing. 

You should be able to see the correct context very clearly before you start looking for a candle pattern,

In the Trade Around Your Job system I am using the same context but with a 4 hour entry pattern. In order for the 10XROI system to be at maximum profitability we need as high a win rate as possible.  In order to get a high win rate we need momentum on our side, therefore we need to only look for trade setups in high momentum conditions.  The most powerful indicators of high momentum condition that I have found are the two moving averages mentioned in the books combined with breakouts and they are very easy to see.

You can get even more high roi trades by adding in the High ROI Scalping System and increase profits using pyramiding.

So it should be easy to be patient for the best trades as by combining multiple non-competing systems, going for a high return and using pyramiding the returns man that you need very few setups to be successful.

This is all combined in the High ROI Trading System Video Course which you can check out at the link below.

Learn How to Easily Get 1-30 ROI on Your Trades

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