Private Coaching Sessions


1) Why did you think the coaching session was necessary?

To understand Trading methodology and Psychology .

2) What specifically were the problems you wanted to address?

1)Discussion on Time Frames
2) How to think like a successful trader
3) Overcoming bad habits such as adding to losing trades

3) What was the experience itself like? (enjoyable? Stimulating?)

I really got a lot of this session. I could immediately see how intelligent ,helpful and caring LRT was.

4) What new insights were created that will help you move forward in your trading?

Give more importance to money management .Trade in accordance with higher time frames.

5) How valuable do you think the coaching session has been?

This has been given a very useful insights that will go straignth into my trading plan

6) Was it useful to get the full audio recording to listen to in your own time?

yes .thanks a lot.

7) Would you book another coaching session to continue your growth?

I am looking forward to working with you with in a more elaborate manner nexxt year

8) What is your final comment about the whole experience?

LRT seems have a such a great knowledge on trading and more importantly she knows how to teach this in a way which very few people can do.She has great tools to help overcome self sabotage behavarious and she has a such a wholistic view on trading where common sense reigns supreme,which many so called intellectuals neglect to their own detriment.

Charles A. Floyd, II
 I recently contacted LR and asked her to explain her system to me, and I must say it was great. LR explained the concepts clearly, and offered insights into her analysis that explained how she sees what she does and why.
As a professional credentialed Forex trader, mentor and coach with over 30 years experience, I know quality when I see it.
If you are looking for a simple, extremely conservative and profitable trading method, that does not require maximum “screen time”, I can gladly, professionally and personally endorse The 10X ROI Scalping method. If you are one of those people that need personal coaching on how to “get it right”, LR will give you just what you need, and just what you are looking for.
PS. I was NOT compensated for this endorsement. “

Jose Maria Cueva
April 3, 2015 at 7:32 pm (edit)
I contacted LR looking for her support in realice my plan to adopt and master the High ROI Trading system, and She gave me a very clear feedback, with concepts and details over the things that are important to be aware of, and also She gave me some technical advice, and details of the system itself, Now I can say that I have a clear view about the steps I need to do in order to execute my plan successfully, I am very pleaced and satisfyed to have had this wonderful coaching session.
I am a trader for 7 years, and I decided to adopt the High ROI Trading after read her books: The system is simple and powerfull, and it is coincident with my way of thinking, and to reinforce my execution plan I decided to get advice directly from the system´s creator; I glad to have such a decision.
It is important to say that it is my will to write this comment.

 I have started to do private hourly coaching sessions for those who have a lot of questions to ask and would like some personal attention.

We would talk and screen share via skype and answer any points that are still unclear.

If you would like to book coaching sessions just email me at, or book first.

The investment is just $1000 per month with a minimum of two face to face skype sessions and unlimited emails. You can book on a month to month basis at the link below.

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