Protecting Against Weekend Gapping

The 10XRoi Trading System  and the Trade Around Your Job System provide trades that can last anything up to ten days, which means they can stay open over the weekend.  Most of the time there is no particular gap after a weekend but sometimes you get something like this which could potentially wipe out your account.


Now based in the UK as I am this problem can be solved by using a guaranteed stop loss which many spread betting companies provide.  The stop loss is not guaranteed after you move it to break even but it makes little difference because you usually don’t move your stop loss until you are well into the trade.

However there are other ways to protect yourself even if you can’t use a guaranteed stop loss.  Most of the time you will find that the Sunday night open is at around the same level as Fridays close or it moves to it pretty quickly.  You could simply close out your trade either on Friday afternoon ideally after a pull back.  You could well find that it has gapped in your favor and pulled back by Sunday when your reenter the trade and replace your stop loss, giving you extra pips.  The downside to this is that the trade could have moved  so far in your favor that you miss out on the trade.



The other way to protect yourself is to have a brokerage account which allows very high leverage, and offers account protection in that you can never lose more than is in your account.

You then make sure that you have the minimum in the account needed to cover the trade so if you get margined out by a large weekend gap you only lose the size of the trade or as near as possible.

If you are based in the US then you need a broker outside the US in order to get the high leverage which is also governed by the financial authorities in their country.  I have a list of some of these brokers in my Kindle book Learn to trade Forex Without Losing your Shirt.


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