Push-Pull Reminder

Daily Chart Push-pull trades have been thin on the ground lately and those that have shown up haven’t been of the best quality.  The best push-pull trades are in a high momentum environment, although I don’t generally  trade the four hour push-pull it’s undeniable that there are a lot more of those to be found.  Combined with 5 minute S/R zones they can provide great ROI however they need a great deal of patience to wait for the trade to unfold.  However in the example below you would only have had to wait from 12.10 am to 1.40 am UK time for the entry then put in the stop loss and a take profit of between 1-5 and 1-7 and then go to bed if in the UK.  If the trade takes a lot longer to unfold then those who have read my book Control Your Inner Trader know that I advocate removing focus and forced checking to deal with impatience to enter a trade.

For those who want to trade a particular time then you could only trade the London or New York 4 Hr Push-Pull.



4 Hour





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