Putting it all together.

This post is to show how the different systems can slot together to get an even higher ROI by using a scalping stoploss to enter a 10XROI trade.


Double Top at Monthly Resistance


Above is a push-pull setup, but not the best I like to see, the reversal setup does not have a horizontal break at the top,  however a High ROI Scalping setup coincided at this point see below.



The stop loss could range from 15 to 25 pips depending on your broker spread and how aggressively you place your stop loss and the take profit was either 114 pips at the other side of the hourly channel or a 10XROI if you let it run.  By moving the stop-loss to breakeven when the other side of the hourly channel was reached it would have been protected from a loss if the longer term trade hadn’t worked.

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