Re Potential Trades

I will be looking for upcoming trades in the pairs below over the next two weeks.  The EURJPY has had a long run and has reversed off the top channel line, will be looking for a low risk trade to get me into that run and the EURAUD has reversed back inside the channel after a parabolic style move up.

I did miss a tayj entry that set up today as I am recovering from a small operation and mind was elsewhere.  One of my readers Seigfried was asking me about trend line breaks and how I knew it was a setup, I am assuming he meant this type of entry on the TAYJ four hour system.  The key is where the trend line is, when looking for an entry I am looking for an obvious break of an obvious trend line at the entry area. I have posted below the TAYJ trade with an obvious trend line break, and also where I see trend line breaks nearby.  I hope this clears this up for Seigfreid.








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