Re Vlady 1974 Post Scalping using the Push-Pull

Vlady 1974 posted a scalp trade on the thread using the push-pull pattern on the 15 minute time frame to take some pips out of the strong upward daily momentum.  I have a few comments about this.  Although this is not a pure push-pull pattern below I see his reasoning because of the stong level of support. it was risky because price had exceeded the daily range marked by the blue lines but I have other problems with this type of trading.

1. psychological , using the 15 minute time frame to find scalps requires a commitment to staying in front of the charts ( even using forced checking) for long periods of time  waiting for a correct pattern. I do not have the patience for this and unless you have the mental discipline to be a scalper, I would advise avoiding these trades.

2. The maths, because the ROI is low then the win rate has to be high.


This type of trading does not suit me and is not part of either the 10XROI System, the TAYJ System or the High ROI Scalping System.  These systems all focus on using short term trading entries to find longer term trades in order to get a HIgh ROI Trade so the maths is on the side of the trader.  These scalping push-pull trades don’t do that. Nuf said, charts below.




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