Re Vladys FF Post


Nice going Vlady, you took the 10XROI and used flexible thinking to enter long on an hourly push-pull, I couldn’t be more proud  aaaahhhhh…..

You could have taken profits at the adr level 🙂



Hi Guys,


Not intending to dilute this thread too much with outside stuff, but I took a long on the EURUSD. Not a 10XROI setup but I still employed the PushPull as the trigger for entry… at Sunday open set a Long order @ 1.35266 with TP at just under 10x at 1.3619. This level was the open price of the last 1H candle on Friday.


I had another indicator giving a signal that we are forming a bottom. What I’ve been able to do with 10XROI is use it’s sensible evaluation criteria for entry – in addition to my other stuff.


The 10XROI trendlines showed bounces off weekly TL and daily support which, so I’ve set the SL at the low 1.3507, once it was established. It then formed a mini Push-Pull on the 1H timeframe.

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re the USD/JPY chart  Good entry I spotted that a few hours back, Also coincides with a High ROI Entry

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