Taking Losses and Loving It!

Well no I’m not serious, I don’t expect you to love taking losses, but at the very least in trading you need to truly accept losses because if you can’t accept losses then you always have an inner conflict about taking the trade and it can lead to self-sabotage.  The higher the ROI of your trading system, the easier it should be to accept a loss while at the same time doing everything you can to make sure your trade has the best chance of succeeding.  With the 10xroi Trading system, you could lose 80% of trades while only trading 1% on a trade and still make more than you could earn in most other financial investments.  If you can make money while losing 80% of trades then that should make you feel a whole lot more relaxed about taking a loss.

Here is a  sequence of 10 trades just trading 1% and having 2 random wins of 10XROI  using $1000



Profit = $127 or 12.7 %

How many trading systems do you know where you could lose 80% of the time and still make a comfortable profit?



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