This Makes my Job Worthwhile

When I get a letter like this (see below) I can really see what the impact of my teaching is, it just makes the effort feel worthwhle.


LR Thomas

Hello Ms. Thomas,

I’m sending you a quick email, although this could be quite lengthy, to let you know I’ve purchased 3 of your books, (fear of trading, control, and 10XRO1), and truly feel they are OUTSTANDING. I’ve spent over $75,000 on training, psychology, etc. to trade better, and I must say, your books are a bang for the buck!

I love the mental construct of the “push pull”. (this is NOT to be underestimated). In the past, when I would see something that I knew would be a good shorting opportunity, (or long), I would jump in, only to have it “pull” away from me, causing extreme stress and loss. Most of the time it would come back, but not before stopping me out.

Now, I just say, “this is a push pull, wait for tomorrow”, and set an alert. This keeps me calm, feeling in control (I’m actually doing something) and my stress has diminished considerably.

In addition, your charts in the 10XROI pulled together some of my training in an easy to understand way, and I’ve definitely used them to make money. Your insistence on daily and hourly charts has been immeasurable. I realized half my stress (and loss) was from those darn 5 minute (precision based, as I was taught), charts! These are one of my key tools in trading these days. They are the BEST.

I was able to short Soy while I was in Cabo for a week and do extremely well, while basking in the infinity pool every morning!

In truth, I’ve heard (some of) these concepts before from Linda B. Ratschke, and in the Online Trading Academy, but there was something about your easy to remember “push pull” way of expressing, that sticks in my head when the heat is on. It’s Instead of a sophisticated calculation/approximation, as I was taught.

That little trick, along with numerous other insights, make your books truly impactful and extremely valuable.

I also like that your books are small, easy to carry, and deal with just one aspect of trading each.

Thank so much for taking the time to create these little gems.

I will post this to Amazon this weekend.

Happy trading!

Ginger Feria