Trade Updates

The EJ has made its daily range so there may be a short entry coming up,  it didn’t hit the opposite side of the channel before pulling back however.  There is a push-pull level above that so we’ll see what develops, currently in the EUR/CAD short, waiting for it to either stop me out, or reverse so I can move SL to break even.

Trade Update

Not happy with how the EURCAD is behaving , looks like it is going back through the broken trend line, if it closes above the trend line I will close the trade simply because it was the broken TL that got me into the TAYJ trade.   I should mention that it is a US bank holiday today, not really the best time to be entering a trade, but it was entered last night and I had hoped there would have been enough overnight momentum to drive it down.  Will see how it develops, currently 9 pips down.  The other issue is that there is a 10XROI entry above this trade and that overall the trend is up.  If price does break down I will look for a push-pull entry into the momentum.

Re Vladys comments I agree, Eurcad has no momentum, deciding whether to bail or just let it stop out


Ok i’m out at -12 pips







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