Why Higher Time Frames are Better for Impatient Traders

It occurred to me today after having taken a scalp trade and a 10XROI trade in the past couple of days (so much for my decision to stop trading, there are just some juicy trades about at the moment) that it took a lot more patience to get in and out of the scalp trade than it did the 10XROI trade.  It happened that I took a scalp trade but combining the 5 minute with the hourly chart to time my entries.  Because it wasn’t a pure High ROI Scalp trade I had no fixed take profit except for the opposite side of the 5 minute channel.  So I had to sit there and watch the charts for a good 3 hours to manage the trade.  Whereas with trades using the daily and hourly charts, after the initial time taken to do the analysis you just check once an hour when the entry criteria are met or the correct level has been reached.

You could even take a little doze during the trading day, or play video games or go shopping or clean the house etc,
It just gives a lot more time freedom. 

With the High ROI Scalping system, by using patterns with built in hourly take profits,  after entering the trade, you only check once an hour or when price is near to the take profit level, leaving you plenty of down time.

Of course the 4 hour charts provide even more freedom!

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