Why Trading Mindset is Critical to Success

My trading mind-set books are the lowest sellers of my Amazon eBooks.  The reason for that is simple, traders generally want to learn how to make money and are attracted by the idea of a trading system with a high ROI. (The 10XROI Trading System is my biggest seller!)  However as critical to trading as the system itself, as the trading platform, as money management is a simple system that allows you to trade your system with mental energy,clarity and discipline.  Why do most traders fail? In my opinion it is because they leave out this crucial part of their trading system. Here are a couple of reviews from highly experienced traders that show how this can be the missing piece in their trading.



I’m amazed that all traders who buy my trading system books don’t also buy these books, why? Because they are of incredible value if you compare them to hiring a trading coach.  Top trading coaches such as Adrienne Toghraai charge many thousands for their services.

The other factor is simplicity of implementation.  If you look at most trading psychology books there is a high degree of complexity in most of them.  What traders need are not only low cost,effective strategies but also simple ones that can be implemented within a day.  I know I am biased of course but the truth is that anyone who seriously wants to implement any trading system should also invest the $20 or so for these three books.  Control Your Inner Trader, Overcome Your Fear in Trading and How to Stop Over-trading.

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