Why Wait for the Big Market Moves?

Do you want lots of free time in your trading?

One good reason to go for the big market moves is the amount of free time
you will have as compared to if you are day trading.

Most day trading systems require you to be at the charts every day for
hours at a time.

You may not have the time for that, even if you do have the time you may
not have the patience and even if you do have the patience you may not want
to spend your time at the screen when there are so many other ways to

When you are going for the big moves it is strategic, you wait for key
levels to be hit or daily trend line breaks or other events on the higher
time frame, it is only then that you shift your focus to the charts and
start monitoring to see if your setup emerges.

This means that most of the month will simply involve an end of day check
only switching over to 4 hourly and hourly checks on the day you are waiting
for an entry.

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